Blood Convenant Conference starting tonight!

The highly anticipated Blood Covenant Conference starts tonight!  Nearly 80 people signed up to attend.  Life’s Journey Christian Fellowship in Colstrip, MT will be hosting Tim Anderson as he again teaches the Blood Covenant series.

The symbolism of blood and legal agreements called covenants are used throughout the Bible.  God declares his unending faithfulness and love for people using the ideas of blood and covenant.  This seminar teaches us about the basis of our relationship with God and therefore every other relationship in our life.  This teaching will bless: your marriage, friendships, family relationships, interactions with neighbors….your whole life.  See every relationship you have through the view of God’s relationship with you.

The Friday session will begin at 6:30 PM and run until 9:30 PM. The Saturday sessions will begin at 9 AM and finish at 9 PM that evening. There will be snacks provided for Friday evening and Saturday morning and then a full catered dinner Saturday evening.  Childcare will be provided at the church.


Date: February 16-17 (Fri-Sat), starting Friday at 6:30 PM

Location: Life’s Journey Christian Fellowship, 1 Victory Ln, Colstrip, MT

Childcare: Will be provided *have your little kids bring a comfy blanket and a pillow if you plan to stay for the late sessions.  Movies and snacks will be provided for the kids in the evening hours.

Find Out What’s Happening at LJCF


A lot goes on at Life’s Journey and it can be difficult to keep up.  All of the Life’s Journey ministry teams work hard at keeping you up to date on events.  Here’s some ways we let you know what’s happening.

This website is a good place to start.  You’ll find basic information about LJCF and this is the place to listen to past sermons.  You can even leave comments to posts that show up here.  This site is also accessible by going to


The Life’s Journey Facebook page is a great way to connect with LJCF.  You can keep up to date on LJCF events and news through our page.  When something is added to, it will automatically show up on this Facebook feed.  You can even send FB messages to @lifesjourneymt to ask for updates on anything happening at LJCF.

Facebook-private groups

We use a few private/closed groups on Facebook to help pass information to regular attendees at LJCF.  Although these groups share public information (that shows up on the above channels) they are also a place for more personal prayer requests and other needs or news that is better not to be shared across all of Facebook.

    —> LJCF Needs and Updates: the private group for all regular attendees at LJCF.  To join this group, you must be approved by the group administrators.  If you’re a member of this group, remember that the posts are not public.  If you need to post public information on FB, remember to post it on the public page.  Likewise, if you have prayer requests containing personal information about you or someone else, please post it on this private group.

    —> LJCF Nursery Schedule: a private group for team members who work with the Sunday nursery ministry

Bulletin boards

The good old method of posting event information on a board.  When you attend LJCF on Sunday mornings or through out the week for various group meetings, you’ll see bulletin boards upstairs in the main meeting room or information in the visitor center.


February 11, 2018: Deeply Known and Deeply Loved

Preached by Casey Kluver (00:41)

When you find yourself in difficult situations, do you believe that even the hardships of life are for your good or do you think that it’s just bad with nothing helpful to gain?

Often, we can say that God is good all of the time but still expect that God will bring badness into our life. As if God doesn’t really love you he just loves bringing trial into your life. The Apostle Paul described to the Christians at Corinth the type of disasters he was experiencing.  He alluded to the troubles that they would experience and then he wrote, “All of this is for your benefit.

Look for what God is doing. See the situation as Jesus would see it. God promises that every situation will work for you. That doesn’t mean that every situation will be comfortable or happy for there is going to be some terrible experiences in your life. Yet God promises, through his love, that every situation you’ve been in will work for your good because of his goodness for you.  We all go through things that are challenging in the moment, and later on we look back and say “hey, that actually did something for me!”.

Listen as Casey encourages us why and how God’s love is experienced through bad situations.  God doesn’t expect you to walk through difficult situations and act like it’s not difficult.  Let God know your frustration.  Let God know your doubt.  Ask God to show you how the difficult problem will work for your good.  No matter how he answers you, the answer will always include his loving reminder, “Trust me and hold on to my hand tight.  This will benefit you.”

Scripture references: 2 Corinthians 4:8-18


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Benefit for Sherry Benner – Feb 22 in Colstrip

Benner Benefit posterMark your calendars for the upcoming “Benefit for Sherry Benner” happening on Thursday, February 22!  Join the Colstrip community at the Colstrip High School for a free-will donation Taco Bar, a Silent auction and Live auction.  The goal of the event is to raise money to help pay for the medical bills that came from Pastor Rod Benner’s year long battle with heart failure and his recent passing.  We want to take away as much of the financial burden as possible from his wonderful wife, Sherry Benner.

This event has been in the works for months and although LJCF and the Colstrip community are still mourning the loss of Rod, this event will be a fun and joyful way to celebrate Rod’s influence on the community and to honor his lovely bride.  Sherry has dedicated her whole adult life to Christian ministry, serving along side Rod in various pastoral positions, and she has tirelessly worked to bless the LJCF kids ministry and all of the people at LJCF since she came to Colstrip years ago.

Bring your love and open your wallets so that we can all bless this special lady.  If you are unable to attend, consider sending a financial donation to LJCF and we’ll make sure Sherry gets it.

When: Thursday, February 22 @ 5:00 PM
Where: Colstrip High School
Cost: Free admission and a generous heart

  • free-will donation Taco Bar starting at 5 PM
  • Silent auction begins at 5 PM
  • Live auction begins at 6:30 PM

By mail donations may be sent to:

Life’s Journey Christians Fellowship
PO Box 1915
Colstrip, MT 59323

*Indicate on the check or envelope that the donation is for the Benefit