June 16, 2019: Father’s Day

Presented by Casey Kluver (0:55)

Fathers don’t often get a lot of credit, yet they help form identity.  Pastor Casey shares that he knew being a rancher, gathering cattle, was part of his identity–because that’s what Dad did. For others,  perhaps Dad was rough and tough and “men don’t cry”.  When looking in the Bible, we can find this is not true of Godly men. Not all of our identity is correct.  Many times we are disconnected from God our Father because we do not know how much he loves us.  We struggle with shame, fear of not being good enough.  Jesus came as the Son of God to show us how our “real” Father looks and operates.  In this generation of so many fatherless, what can be done to bring true identity?

Listen as Casey encourages us that the work of Jesus is capable of restoring the family; bringing sons and daughters of God back to the Father.

Scripture references: Luke 1:5-25


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June 09, 2019: Waiting For the Picture to Develop

Presented by Casey Kluver (00:42)

Developing a picture in years past took time and a “dark room”.  During the process, we could only wait and hope the pictures would turn out well.  Pastor goes on to share how his great grandfather planted a tree that he, Casey, and his family now enjoy. He planted during drought and depression. This is what faith looks like. Praising God before breakthrough, before we know how it will come out.

In Acts 16, we see Paul patiently enduring the slave girl possessed with a spirit of divination, calling out for many days, waiting, before he took action. The ensuing uproar found Paul and Silas in prison. While in the darkness of the prison, in pain from a beating, they sang and prayed. It may be easy to pray or praise when things are going well. What happens with us when life is tough, days are dark?  Pastor Casey points out that we must predetermine our response to life regardless of the situation.

When Paul and Silas experienced breakthrough- chains falling off, prison doors opening, people getting saved-it was no longer a sacrifice of praise. Pastor goes on to encourage us to determine to offer God a sacrifice of praise before breakthrough. Morning will come! Ps 30:5


Scripture references: Acts 16:16-34


This is a short testimony by Stephanie Crook


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June 2, 2019: Have You Received Your New Identity?

Presented by Courthey Kluver (0:56)

In Romans 8:14, we read,”For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.”  This morning, Youth Leader Courtney directs us to consider our identity.  Do we act like orphans or sons? He goes on to compare the mindset and attitudes of children/sons of the house vs. orphans.  While children have a relationship with God, freedom in Christ; needs met; and know God’s joy in them, orphans have none of these.  As sons/children of God, we need to know that we have access to the resources of the Father.  Orphans steal from someone else in order to have enough.  Let’s begin to live our lives as God’s children.

Scripture references: Romans 8:12-18


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