December 16, 2018: The Ripples of Yes

Presented by Evan Stewart (00:21)

Do you ever feel like you only want to follow Jesus if you know the results of doing so?  Sometimes you might think that only a big task with big impact is worth your time and effort.  Yet, you never know how God will use your willingness to follow him wherever he leads.  Whenever you say yes to God a ripple of influence starts to move through the community.

In the Christmas story, there is mention of a man named Simeon.  One day, Simeon knew God was telling him to go to the local temple.  Simeon didn’t know why God wanted him to go, but when he arrived he became part of the greatest story in history.  Had Simeon cared only for the big jobs, he would have missed out on something bigger.

Listen as Evan teaches to not get stuck on trying to figure out how God will use you, but instead be willing to follow him.  As you learn to follow Jesus, God will work out how your obedience through his power will impact the audience.

Scripture references: Luke 2:25-35


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December 9, 2018: Let’s Talk about Cows

Presented by Casey Kluver (00:47)

Do you think more about moving forward or moving backwards?  The direction you think about is the direction you’ll move when stress is added to your life.  In the book Hebrews, the author remembers men and women who showed great faith in days past.  The people he wrote about suffered some major hardships or had difficult challenges set before them.  Describing them he wrote that if they had been mindful of where the came from, they might have gone back when things got hard.  Instead, they continued forward to the place God had prepared for them.

Listen as Pastor Casey encourages us to keep our eyes and mind facing forward looking at Jesus.  And yes, he does talk about cows!

Scripture references: Hebrews 11:15


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December 2, 2018: Uncommon Wealth

Presented by Andy Sybrant & Great Falls team (00:55)

Pastor Casey Kluver invited Youth Pastor Aaron Sybrant from New City Church of Great Falls, to come with his Intern team to share with our church.  The team did some painting and maintenance work in the LJCF building as well as work in Lame Deer the last couple of days.

Pastor Aaron asked Gabrielle Jones (Gabby) and Chad Schurman to share their testimonies with us.  Gabby shared her journey of searching for a personal relationship with God. Chad shared how he did not believe in God, but God faithfully shows himself as God who personally knows and cares for him.

Pastor Aaron Sybrant then shared the message of “Uncommon Wealth”. He spoke from Ephesians 2, focusing on 2:4 “But God is so rich in mercy”  With powerful personal testimony, Andy reminds us that gratitude for such amazing grace is our part.

Scripture references: Ephesians 2:11-18


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