Get Encouraged about Money and Relationships

Last week, Focus on the Family radio aired a two part presentation called “Getting a Handle on Your Family Finances” by financial author and teacher Dave Ramsey.  This 30-minutes broadcast offered some great insight and encouragement into the area of personal finances and marriage relationships.

Focus on the Family president and radio show host Jim Daly said, “the past few years have been quite the financial roller coaster for most people and I would say especially for families and small business owners. And that has had a big impact on marriages. We’re hearing it from folks who are writing and talking to us about where they’re at. Research shows us that money troubles and disagreements can be a major contributor to serious marital problems.”

Be encouraged in a very discouraging part of life: money and relationships.  Listen to Getting a Handle on Your Family Finances (Part 1 of 2) by visiting Focus on the Family.

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