Renew Your Idea of Marriage with Family Life Today

Be encouraged with the recent broadcast from Family Life Today radio titled Marriage and Worship.

“Marriage is designed by God to endure. Best-selling author Gary Thomas explores God’s purpose for marriage and explains how the best marriages are those steeped in worship. Unlike appearances, worship is something that grows more beautiful with time, making marriage more lovely through the years, not less. Gary shares how God spoke to him about his wife, and how that admonition revolutionized his marriage.”

Family Life Today co-host Bob Lepine says, “If you love God and you begin to realize that your husband or your wife is God’s daughter / God’s son, that makes God your Heavenly Father-in-law. Author and speaker, Gary Thomas, says, “When you start to realize how all of this fits together, that changes the way you love your spouse, no matter what stage your marriage is in.”

Jump over to Family Life Today and listen online or download this renewing broadcast that will inspire you to rethink the way you love your husband or wife.

FamilyLife is a Christian non-profit organization with headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, and a subsidiary of Cru. President Dennis Rainey guides FamilyLife in its mission to “effectively develop godly marriages and families who change the world one home at a time.

In Montana, listen to the Family Life Today radio broadcast on YNOP (Your Network of Praise) weekdays at 9:30 AM.

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