August 14, 2016 – Acts: Philip, a Politician and a Baptism

Preached by Rod Benner (00:34)

The book of Acts is filled with stories of mass evangelism.  Three thousand people became a Christian at one event, at another some two thousand became Christians, and many other events saw the conversion of hundreds to thousands.  Then we come to an event in which only one man becomes a Christian.  This story was very much a divine appointment setup by God.  A politician from Ethiopia was traveling back to his home country from Jerusalem and he was reading the words of the ancient prophet Isaiah. God sent Philip to the road on which the man’s carriage was traveling.  Philip walked beside the carriage and overheard the man reading Isaiah.  With one simple question from the man and one act of simple obedience by Philip, one man’s life was forever changed and he took that new life back to the court of the Ethiopian queen.

The story of one man’s conversion highlights the salvation message and our surrender unto God.

Scripture References: Acts 8:26-40


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