August 21, 2016 – Acts: What hinders me from baptism?

Preached by Rod Benner (00:40)

The royal treasurer of Ethiopia heard about Jesus, he understood the way to salvation, and then he asked Philip, “Why can’t I be baptized?”

The Ethiopian was a religious man, he traveled across the continent from Northern Africa to Jerusalem to learn about the God of the Jews.  Yet, he wasn’t a Christian just by studying the prophets and praying at the Temple.  He wanted to honor and obey God, but he didn’t yet know the Son of God.  He became a Christian when he trusted in Jesus as the Son of God.  That day, the Ethiopian heard and responded to Jesus the person, not Jesus the religious system.  The first fruit of the Ethiopian’s decision was his question, “Look, there’s some water!  Why can’t I be baptized?”

Philip showed him that there was nothing stopping him from being baptized.  He declared his faith that Jesus is the Son of God and he responded in the first step of obedience Jesus expects; baptism in water.

Scripture References: Acts 8:29-38


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