September 11, 2016 – You want Peace? Turn Up The Praise

Preached by Evan Stewart and Cortney Kluver (00:37)

Scripture References: 2 Chronicles 20:1-30


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In uncertain times, do you sometimes feel like you’re on the fight?  Fighting for your job, your family, your community, or country?  It’s tiring, frustrating, and disheartening.  You want to do something, but you don’t know what you can do to solve any of these problems.  God says to praise Him to overcome fear and worry, but what good is it for anyone of us to hear that praise is the weapon of our fight?

King Jehoshaphat learned the purpose of praise when Jerusalem was surrounded by a vast army.  Outnumbered, outflanked, and out of time, he turned to God and praised God before he took action.  God told the army to get battle ready and head to the front line, but to wait and watch for Him to move first.  They marched to the battle field, praising God as they went, and when they arrived the battle was already over and won.  Through praise, the King and his people were reminded that God is on the throne and he is for them not against them.

Praise puts God back on the throne in our hearts and minds.  The outcome of any problem may not be the one we envisioned, but through praise we set our minds back on the real prize; God.  Through praise the peace of God fills us.  Do you want peace in troubled times?  Then turn up the praise.

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