Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant

On January 22, 2018, Pastor Rod Benner left this world for his eternal home with Jesus.  His Christian family at Life’s Journey Christian Fellowship grieve with the thousands of other people who came to know Rod during his long life and ministry.  The grief is mixed with joy because although we lost a mentor, spiritual father, brother, and a friend, we know we will see him again in glory in the life to come.  We know this because we know Jesus.

We can rejoice in sadness not only because of where Rod is now (and Who he is now with), but we can rejoice because of the life and example Rod showed us.  In teaching thousands of people who Jesus is, Rod lived a noble and worthy example of who Jesus is.  As a friend of Rod’s wrote, “Thank you for saying yes to Jesus and never looking back. Thank you that you refused to let bitter people make you small; that pain didn’t break you; that darkness couldn’t dim your light and fear didn’t hid your love. Thank you for loving without reservation; in a reckless almost boyish way you displayed the “can’t help myself” love of Jesus. Thank you for loving us without an agenda. Thank you for your commitment to reaching the world one soul at a time; to see as Jesus saw, to hear as Jesus heard, and to do as Jesus did. Thank you for not condoning, not condemning but being filled with compassion. Yours is a life to to be honored and imitated; lived with passion and integrity in pursuit of the heart of God. Only heaven knows the full impact of your life and it’s mark in eternity. One thing is sure, the best is yet to come!”

Be sad with us, but rejoice with us too.  As Rod would have wanted you to, get to know the Jesus he called friend and Lord.  Rod led a life worthy of the Master’s praise, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

Rod’s funeral will be held on Saturday, January 27, at 10 AM at the Colstrip High School (gym) in Colstrip, MT.


3 thoughts on “Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant

  1. Sherry & family We are so saddened to hear of Rods passing but know we will one day join him. 42 yrs ago this August in a small country church in Droxford Saskatchewan, Canada Rod assissted in the marriage of Ross & Betty Whitney. What a beautiful day that was. God has blessed us & continues to be Lord in our lives. Our hearts & prayers go out to you.


  2. Rod was an ordinary man….really everyone’s friend; but his ministry and what was accomplished through Rod was extraordinary. As I grieve the loss of a great friend and pastor I ask, “what was it that made Rod so exceptional?” Why is it that it is so hard to say good-bye? I have had the privilege of sitting under the ministry of very good pastors. But each time I moved or they left it was okay. There was some sense of loss and grief for awhile, but not like this. So, I will share some memories. The year 2012 was a year of fire, spiritually and physically. Spiritual fire included an encounter with a young woman who was heavily influenced by demons. We called Rod. Over the course of a week we encountered demons, took authority over them, and witnessed the incredible power of God in freeing a young woman bound by them. One particular instance involved a demon influencing her to bang her head against a table. The force was incredible. I jumped behind the woman and restrained her, just as Rod commanded the demon to sit down. The only problem was that I was behind the demon. When he sat the demon down he sat me down. The force that sent me down made me realize, “the floor cannot stop me, the earth will not stop me, and I think all the bones of my body will be crushed when I am sent down to wherever I am going.” I have felt God’s love in an incredible way. I have felt God’s forgiveness and deliverance in an incredible way in my life, but I have never felt God’s power of authority as I did that day. The amazing thing is that even though I was slammed back against a wall I had no bruises. I was totally fine. As we encountered six demons in total over the course of seven days I witnessed an awesome God work through a willing servant who mentored and guided us as we worked with him to bring healing, deliverance and freedom to one life. I learned that God’s power is infinite, and that his desire is to release that infinite power through finite people like myself. He partners with us so that He can work through us to bring healing and freedom to one life at a time. God didn’t send Jesus to earth to be a “fix all” for the problems of humanity for all time. He sent Jesus to be our Savior so that through him we have access to all the power that God is so that daily we may be the hands and feet through whom God may release His power to heal, free, comfort and love one another. The “fix all” is accessed daily by believers who realize they are commissioned to take Jesus and ALL that He is wherever they go every day.

    Now, for physical fire. In 2012 our ranch was one of many in our county that was nearly destroyed by wildfire. It was late July and 28 wildfires were started in one night in Rosebud County due to dry lightening. By the next afternoon all the ranchers and firefighters were dispersed fighting the many fires that ultimately burned over 300,000 acres in the Rosebud Complex Fire in the course of 10 days. Rod was one of the first people I called when I realized we had multiple fires on our ranch alone. I called and asked him to pray for us and the firefighters. We were all fighting with everything we had but we were losing. Instead of staying in town and praying, Rod showed up on our porch. As I ran up to the porch to greet him I told him there was a fire racing toward the neighbor’s house and no one was there. Nick was out in the hills fighting fire. So, Rod went over to neighboring ranch and faced the fire there by himself. When Nick showed up the fire had raced through his property, but Rod, the house and buildings were still there.

    From facing spiritual and physical fire with an unflappable, faith-filled man, to needing just the right words to celebrate a Golden Wedding Anniversary, to being a great supporter and fan @ Colstrip High School basketball games, and being an incredible teacher of God’s word Sunday morning and in times of crisis, Rod was a “fix all.” He was also an incredible friend to share life with. However, in his ministry, the buck didn’t stop with him. He guided and mentored so that we walked alongside and learned. I am rough. I am not refined. But, I know I can fight demons and win. I can pray for healing and release God’s healing power and expect healing to take place. I can encourage people in crisis and know that God has a future and a hope for people in what seem to be hopeless situations. Rod lived out the purposes and will of a great God by partnering with Him in front of us, and showing us how to do the same. What a legacy!! True discipleship!


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