Colstrip Junior Bible Quiz Meet – February 10, 2018

JBQ logo

This Saturday, Feb 10th at 10 AM, the Colstrip Junior Bible Quiz team (JBQ) will be holding a competition at the First Baptist Church in Colstrip.

JBQ is a trivia style game in which each participant is expected to know over 500 questions and answers about the Bible and Christian belief.  The teams are made up of kids in grades 1-6 grade.  A “quiz master” asks the questions and two teams of four contestants are given a few seconds to buzz in (using a hand buzzer) and answer the question.  Once buzzed in, the contestant has 30 seconds to provide a full answer.  The answers vary from 2-3 word answers to multi-word Bible verses that must be recited word-for-word.

Various local churches in Montana sponsor Junior Bible Quiz teams.  During the Winter and Spring, all of the Montana teams meet at select church buildings across Montana to compete.  A state-wide meet was scheduled for this weekend, but due to severe winter weather the meet was cancelled.

Instead, the Colstrip JBQ team will compete against each other for a fun filled morning of learning God’s word.

Please come watch them and cheer them on as the learn God’s Word.

To learn more about JBQ, you can visit the official JBQ site.

JBQ is a children’s ministry of The General Council of the Assemblies of God.

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