February 11, 2018: Deeply Known and Deeply Loved

Preached by Casey Kluver (00:41)

When you find yourself in difficult situations, do you believe that even the hardships of life are for your good or do you think that it’s just bad with nothing helpful to gain?

Often, we can say that God is good all of the time but still expect that God will bring badness into our life. As if God doesn’t really love you he just loves bringing trial into your life. The Apostle Paul described to the Christians at Corinth the type of disasters he was experiencing.  He alluded to the troubles that they would experience and then he wrote, “All of this is for your benefit.

Look for what God is doing. See the situation as Jesus would see it. God promises that every situation will work for you. That doesn’t mean that every situation will be comfortable or happy for there is going to be some terrible experiences in your life. Yet God promises, through his love, that every situation you’ve been in will work for your good because of his goodness for you.  We all go through things that are challenging in the moment, and later on we look back and say “hey, that actually did something for me!”.

Listen as Casey encourages us why and how God’s love is experienced through bad situations.  God doesn’t expect you to walk through difficult situations and act like it’s not difficult.  Let God know your frustration.  Let God know your doubt.  Ask God to show you how the difficult problem will work for your good.  No matter how he answers you, the answer will always include his loving reminder, “Trust me and hold on to my hand tight.  This will benefit you.”

Scripture references: 2 Corinthians 4:8-18


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