Find Out What’s Happening at LJCF


A lot goes on at Life’s Journey and it can be difficult to keep up.  All of the Life’s Journey ministry teams work hard at keeping you up to date on events.  Here’s some ways we let you know what’s happening.

This website is a good place to start.  You’ll find basic information about LJCF and this is the place to listen to past sermons.  You can even leave comments to posts that show up here.  This site is also accessible by going to


The Life’s Journey Facebook page is a great way to connect with LJCF.  You can keep up to date on LJCF events and news through our page.  When something is added to, it will automatically show up on this Facebook feed.  You can even send FB messages to @lifesjourneymt to ask for updates on anything happening at LJCF.

Facebook-private groups

We use a few private/closed groups on Facebook to help pass information to regular attendees at LJCF.  Although these groups share public information (that shows up on the above channels) they are also a place for more personal prayer requests and other needs or news that is better not to be shared across all of Facebook.

    —> LJCF Needs and Updates: the private group for all regular attendees at LJCF.  To join this group, you must be approved by the group administrators.  If you’re a member of this group, remember that the posts are not public.  If you need to post public information on FB, remember to post it on the public page.  Likewise, if you have prayer requests containing personal information about you or someone else, please post it on this private group.

    —> LJCF Nursery Schedule: a private group for team members who work with the Sunday nursery ministry

Bulletin boards

The good old method of posting event information on a board.  When you attend LJCF on Sunday mornings or through out the week for various group meetings, you’ll see bulletin boards upstairs in the main meeting room or information in the visitor center.


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