February 25, 2018: You Are a Stone

Preached by Cortney Kluver (00:51)

There is no place for insecurity in the Body of Jesus Christ because we are all a part in the work God is building.  In 1 Peter, Christians are described as living stones intended to be placed in the walls and structure of a spiritual temple God is building.  When you become a disciple of Jesus, you become a stone – a part of a spiritual temple.  As a living stone, God will add you to the structure where ever he needs you to be.  One place is not more honorable than another and one plane is not less honorable than another.  The Christian life isn’t one of competition with each other, trying to make ourselves to look better in the eyes of God than others.  Earthly stones don’t compete with each other as the master builder crafts a wall.  The master builder selects a stone for a particular place on the wall.  He selects the stone that fits and if it doesn’t fit he will either use it elsewhere or reshape it for the appropriate use.

As Life’s Journey enters into a new phase of ministry, listen as Cortney reminds you to be secure in your place as a living stone; hand selected and hand crafted by the Master Builder.

Scripture reference: 1 Peter 2:1-5


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