March 4, 2018: Dream Again

Preached by Casey Kluver (00:43)

Joseph was the eleventh son of Israel and his older brothers hated him. The life of Joseph is known for oppression and injustice because of the evil he suffered at the hands of his own brothers and the government officials of Egypt (the land to where he was sold as a slave). At the same time, his story is known for God’s providential control and how he crafts his master plan throughout a person’s life no matter what trials occur. Joseph was a dreamer and a visionary. God gave him dreams and Joseph was excited by those dreams. Even when evil attempted to thwart him, Joseph’s story is summarized by “and Joseph dreamed again.”  Joseph kept his eyes and mind on God’s promises even when everyone told him that his dreams were just foolish day dreams.

Listen as Casey finds encouragement in how Joseph responded when life told him that God’s dreams for him weren’t possible.

Scripture Reference: Genesis 37


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