The Importance of Being Connected

What an inspiring encouragement.  Read this:

“The very reason we don’t want to go to small groups is the very reason we need to go. God wants us to learn to love. We can’t do this alone! We have to be around people who aren’t like us to practice loving well!  Life groups will be an important part of keeping us connected as a church during this transitional time in our church’s growth. This is what our elders and Pastor Rod believed we needed to grow as a church. This is foundational for Life’s Journey. We began our church family as a small group in a home.” – Lisa

Lisa is a long time team member of Life’s Journey.  Lisa shared this encouragement after having been involved in a Life Group for many years and after recently listening to a message about Christian growth by Pastor Rick Warren (click the link below to hear this encouraging reminder of why Christian fellowship is so vital to your life).  If you live in the Colstrip area consider joining a LJCF Life Group.  You don’t have to attend LJCF on a regular basis or even call us your home church.  Life Groups are designed to be a landing place of safe fellowship during the weekday where non-Christians can learn a little more about Jesus, where new Christians can be welcomed and encouraged by Christians who are already living a Jesus focused life, where old Christians can be inspired by the young ones, and where everyone can be connected in relationship.

Join a Life Group by sending LJCF a message on Facebook @lifesjourneymt or send us an email at  We’ll get you plugged in to a Life Group.


Listen to the sermon from Rick Warren:

Do You Really Want to Grow Up? – Part 3

Listen to it at:


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