June 10, 2018: A Transforming Upgrade

Presented by Casey Kluver (00:50)

Jesus uses the analogy of old and new wine skin to explain the transformation that God must make in you before you enter into a new relationship with him. A wine skin is a container for storing wine.  As wine is contained in the wine skin, the wine changes the physical nature of the skin.  A life without Jesus is like old wine skin which is already stretched as far as it can stretch.  It cannot hold new wine because new wine will again change the physical characteristics of the material of the container causing it to burst.  Jesus came to give new and abundant life – the new wine – which is more than the old container can hold. Your life (the container) must be remade to hold the new wine.  Jesus must change us; he must upgrade our system to handle the new life.

Jesus is saying, “If I put the new system in you without first changing you, then you will break. I must first give you a new birth before the new covenant can be poured into you.”  Be encouraged as Casey offers insight into the the transformation that Jesus offers to all who want it.

Scripture References: Matthew 9:9-18; Luke 5:37-39


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