August 12, 2018: Start With Why

Presented by Casey Kluver (00:46)

Why?  Why do you live the way you do?  Why do you do the things you do?  Why don’t you do what other people tell you you should do?  Why do you believe in Jesus?  Why were you born?

If you want to know your purpose for life, start with why.  When many people left Jesus, because of his controversial teaching, the twelve disciples stayed with him.  Jesus asked them why.  Peter, who later became known as the Apostle Peter, answered the why.  In essence Peter said, “Why would I go anywhere else?  You are the Son of the living God, there is no one else who gives life.” (John 6:66-69)  Peter knew who Jesus was and therefore, Peter knew where he needed to be and later Peter discovered why he was born.

Listen as Pastor Casey explains why is it important to ask “Why?”.

Scripture references: Matthew 16:13-20


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