September 23, 2018: What You Have, God will Use

Presented by Casey Kluver (00:52)

One of the signs God used to convince Moses to appear before Pharoah was turning Moses’ walking stick into a snake.  As if a burning bush that wasn’t consumed by the fire wasn’t enough, Moses didn’t believe God could use him to free the nation of Israel from 400 years of slavery.  When Moses asked God for proof, God asked Moses, “What’s that in your hand?”

Moses probably found the stick or crafted it a long time before this meeting with God.  It was a simple tool of no importance, but God used it in a miraculous way.  Even to God, the staff wasn’t the important thing, but God used a simple tool Moses carried to display amazing acts of divine power.

God will use what you possess to do what he is calling you to. The stuff you have isn’t the power, it’s God who gives power to the stuff you already have.  In this message, Pastor Casey explains how every part of our life, no matter how insignificant it might seem, can be used by God for his purpose.  Are you willing to let go of it and allow God to use it?

Scripture reference: Exodus 4:1-5


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