Mission Matching Challenge

You may have heard that Life’s Journey members Evan and Autumn Stewart are moving to Africa to join the Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM) Tanzania team as Missionary Associates.  The Stewarts have been approved to join the team and are now in the process of raising the financial support needed to move to Africa for a two-year term.  They must raise a financial goal in two ways.  One, a cash fund of approximately $37,000.  Two, a monthly commitment fund of approximately $5,400.  Both goals must be met before they receive the final approval to move.

Life’s Journey will join their team by offering financial support through a matching challenge.  For every dollar raised in support, Life’s Journey will match up to $10,000.  This matching challenge applies to the cash fund goal.  It has the real possibility of raising $20,000 to get the Stewarts to their ministry field in Tanzania.  That’s nearly 70% of the required cash goal!

You can make sure this challenge is met by sending your financial support to Life’s Journey Christian Fellowship.  Drop it in the tithes and offering box on Sunday morning or mail it to the church.  All of the money will be collected and then sent to the Stewart’s account at AGWM.  You can mail checks (with a note showing it is for the Stewarts) to:

Life’s Journey Christian Fellowship
PO Box 1915
Colstrip, MT 59323

Missions are at the heart of Life’s Journey Christian Fellowship.  From the beginning, our Vision has been to “reach the world for Jesus one person at a time.”  This happens in the local community and in the wider world.  As followers of Jesus, we seek to live a co-missional lifestyle.  Our individual missions are aligned with Jesus’ mission fulfilling his call of the Great Co-mission (Matt 28:18-20).

Ten percent (10%) of every dollar Life’s Journey receive through normal tithes and offerings goes into the church missions fund.  From this we support missionaries local and abroad.  Whether we are sending our own members as the missionary or partnering with the extended family of God to complete the Great Commission our goal is the same – reach the world for Jesus. This is the way the gospel continues to move through communities.  God calls people to go, and when needed we help provide the money to help people go.  The work of the church of Jesus is a team sport.  We all have a part to play whether in going or sending; and eventually, you’ll find yourself playing both positions.

Join us in sending the Stewarts to Africa.

You can find out more about the Stewarts call to Africa at faithjoygo.wordpress.com.

3 thoughts on “Mission Matching Challenge

  1. There are yellow envelopes that can be used for this if you are putting in the collection box. Just mark on the envelope that it is for the Stewart mission fund.


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