May 5, 2019: Will He Find Faith in the Earth?

Presented by Casey Kluver (00:55)

Pastor Casey leads us to consider God’s worthiness to be praised this morning during the worship time.  Then Nona shares with us on sapphires from a Jonathan Cahn devotional before we head into the sermon.

The sermon begins in Luke 18:1-8, where we contemplate Jesus’s parable on the unjust judge and the widow.  Pastor Casey begins to explain how God’s justice may not look like our justice.  How is it just that a righteous man should die for an unrighteous man? It’s not right, not fair but- this is God’s justice!

Casey goes on to point out that it is unfair for Jesus to set us free, and we not walk in freedom. So, we should pursue that which Christ has provided for us and called us to. Whatever it is that we pursue shows where our passion is.  Urgency demands the aggressive pursuit of the kingdom of God, Jesus will return!

The question, what are we pursuing?  Are we bringing the kingdom of God to the world we live in?  Do we walk in faith that God’s Word is true, and declare God’s justice in the situations we face,  instead of being the widow/victim?  Are we passionately pursuing Christ?  Could we do just one thing this week to pursue God?  Let’s find it and do it!


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