June 30, 2019: The Ethiopia Team Shares & Remember What We Have In Christ.


Presented by the Ethiopia Mission Team (0:48)
Presented by Pastor Casey Kluver (0:15)


Today, we have a special treat of hearing from the Ethiopia Mission Team.  Yvonne Gardner, Brent and Mandi Burton, were the leaders. Shane McTaggert, Kyler Burton, Sierra Burton, Addie Casterline, Zoey Stroop, McKenna Dudley, and Whitney Hanson were the other team members present and sharing this morning. Each one shared thoughts and experiences that impacted them during their time abroad. Words of encouragement came from Ruth 2-gleaning in the fields was a way for the poor to be provided for. As it relates to us, excess. Surely we all have more than enough to share with others.  Mandi encouraged us all to work and share with ministries that help people with more than a hand out.  To make a difference we need to empower people to  improve their lives and communities. We can do this with Christ, and change the way people live.

After the team spoke, Pastor Casey encouraged us to remember what we have when we have Jesus. We were given purpose and choices. When we connect with Christ, we can connect with our purpose. It only takes one person to make a difference; one person with a vision.  People respond to vision!

Pastor Casey’s short words


The Ethiopia Team shares

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