July 28, 2019: Dead Trees and Wells

Presented by Pastor Casey Kluver (0:38)


Pastor Casey begins by sharing that a cut down tree often appears dead yet the scripture says at the scent of water, it could sprout again.  Casey reminds us that often in the scripture water is symbolic of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit may speak to us in different ways/languages, as water comes in different forms-dew; mist; oceans; rivers; wells… When we think God only speaks to us one way, we may be missing or not recognizing where we are or what God is speaking to us. We love it when God pours out His Spirit in our lives, but we can’t just chase and live under rain clouds. We may be in the Valley of Baca, Psalm 84:6, a place of weeping or bitterness, a hard place- a place we want to get out of- but it is a place to dig a well and bring forth water.

A well is not seasonal water, it is consistent, reliable.  We need wells for the dry dusty seasons. Each of us needs to make our life a well.  Pastor Casey encourages us to dig deep in God. Digging a well is hard work; removing dirt-digging things our of our life like misguided ideas. We must use faith to dig for water, to believe something is there when we cannot see it. Much of the digging is done in the dark, in the places that no one sees. Yet, it makes a great difference in our lives and our families when we dig deep in God.

Symbolically wells are generational blessings. We see this in the Old Testament as wells were passed down to sons and grandsons and on and on.   Will our children inherit the same old enemies we never bothered to defeat (struggle in the valleys in which we never dug a well,) or rejoice in the victories/refreshing wells that we labored over?  In the end, we see Job didn’t have the whole picture.  In the New Testament we see God’s promise of our old life passing away, dying in Christ, becoming new in Christ and finally in Ephesians 3:14-21, we must be rooted and grounded in God’s love.


Scripture reference:  Job 14:7-9; Psalm 1:3, 84:6; Ephesians 3:14-21



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