New Ways to Give

We are excited to announce that we have new ways to give your financial tithes and gifts online!

Use LJCF has an account on the popular, trusted, and secure web service (that’s also the address of the website). is not a free service, but a small service fee of 2.9% of your gift goes to to make this convenient service possible. You can create a free account on to better track your giving history.

Online with your Bank. If you don’t want to mess with service fees, then you can talk to your bank to find out how to use the online Bill Payment service offered by most financial banking institutions. This is a free service and it will automatically send a financial gift to LJCF on the schedule you choose. Talk to your bank for more information.

Just like before. And, as always, you can continue to give in person or through the mail.

Life’s Journey receives all financial support from our team and volunteer partners.  The Gospel of Jesus is given away for free, but buildings, team supplies, and goods used for community resources carry a cost.

A community of Christians financially supporting the local congregation is the way God has been doing things for thousands of years.  As people encounter the joy of God, that joy creates in them a cheerful and generous desire to provide for the financial needs of the local team. 

Financial gifts and offerings are used to create resources to help the whole community grow in their relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Sunday Morning Live – April 19, 2020

Pull up a cozy chair, grab a cup of your favorite hot beverage and join us as we celebrate Jesus and how he changed our lives.

We will be having communion today! Grab some crackers and wine or juice.  If you don’t have flatbread items or grape beverages, then grab the closet thing you have.

In communion, we celebrate what Jesus did, what He is doing, and what He will do.  Past, Present and Future; it’s all there.