May 26, 2019: There Is A Purpose For Every Season

Pastor Casey begins by just sharing about life, a conversation as he says.  Then he moves on to the whole thought process of change, times and seasons,   Change- change is a process.  People don’t change but God changes people.  Ecclesiastes 3:1″ To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.”  We must recognize the changing of seasons.

In Joshua 5:10-15, we see the people of Israel were in for quite a change of times and seasons.  The manna ceased! They had been eating manna for forty years-no plowing, planting working or watering, just pick it up and eat.  God provided everything they needed with only obedience required on their part. Now, they entered a new place, a fruitful land,  where they had the responsibility of taking care of the land in order to see a harvest.  God still provided all they needed, but they had to put forth work, effort, fight.

Our purpose is beyond eating manna. We must move into the things of God- be maturing, living by faith, not sight. Listen to today’s message and be encouraged regardless of which season you find yourself in.

The Sanctity of Life: As Sin Abounds, Grace Abounds All the More

At Life’s Journey we celebrate life.  Last week, just after the Sanctity of Life was celebrated in many churches across America, the government of New York state passed a new law allowing doctors and parents to kill a child in the womb after the 24th week of pregnancy.  Many are calling this law barbaric while some are championing it as some kind of mercy.  The Life’s Journey community is saddened by how so many people see the death of a child as merciful and we are saddened by the hopelessness professed by others.  Many will say in anger that this new law is proof “God has turned his back” on New York or America.  The misconception is that if sin increases, so too must the distant between us and God.

The coming of Jesus changed that relationship.  Although God is perfect and holy, he is not pushed away because of our sin.  Rather, it is because of our great sin that he came closer to us.  The Apostle Paul summarized the life of Jesus when he wrote, “but where sin increased, grace increased all the more” (Romans 5:20b).

Listen as Pastor Casey reminds us that the sound of rising sin is the promise of coming grace.  We pray not for condemnation, but for confession and revival.