April 22, 2018: Biblical Relationship in the Image of God

Presented by Casey Kluver (00:47)

Christianity happens in relationship.  You start by entering a relationship with God and this in turn welcomes you into relationship with people.  Relationships can be difficult to create and maintain, but they are easier when you first learn how God sees you.  You learn about yourself by getting to know God.  Once you learn who you were created to be, building and growing relationships with other people takes on a whole new adventure.

Listen as Casey points you to the key of relationship growth.


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LIFE Groups begin soon!

LIFE Groups start the week of 9/17.  Sixty-Five (65!) people signed up and more will soon.

LIFE Groups are not just a Bible study.  Group get-togethers are anchored by bible study but the goal is to foster relationship among the family of God.  Christians need other Christians to grow.  To love God truly, we must learn to love others fully.  To love others deeply, we must learn to love God intentionally.

LIFE Groups seek to build Jesus followers in relational environments.  LIFE Groups are:

  1. Informational (bible study) yet Relational
  2. United in format but responsive to personalities
  3. Progressing from neighborly relationship to family-like relationships
  4. Anticipating to branch (overflow into more groups) and invite more people in

To join a LIFE Group, come to Life’s Journey on Sunday morning and sign up and include the nights you are available.  Groups will meet on Sunday – Thursday nights.