Gather – the stage where every one begins.

You’ll never know Jesus unless someone tells you about him.  Everyone starts their journey with God at the gather stage; someone tells you about Jesus, you over hear a conversation, you find a Bible in a hotel room, or you find a pamphlet left by a Christian.

The mission of LJCF is to make biblical disciples in a relational environment.  We want to gather as many people as we can to tell them about the love, forgiveness, and hope offered by Jesus Christ.

A person in the gather stage is a seeker; someone who is intrigued by something of Christianity.  Whether a friend told you about a church meeting, you noticed a life change in someone who recently became a Christian, or you just feel that something in your life needs to change.  Whatever the reason and where ever you’re at, you don’t have to know much (or anything) about God, Jesus, church, or the Bible.  We welcome you to gather with us to learn about the God who created you and the God we love.

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