Ways to Give

Life’s Journey receives all financial support from our team and volunteer partners.  The Gospel of Jesus is given away for free, but buildings, team supplies, and goods used for community resources carry a cost.

A community of Christians financially supporting the local congregation is the way God has been doing things for thousands of years.  As people encounter the joy of God, that joy creates in them a cheerful and generous desire to provide for the financial needs of the local team. 

Financial gifts and offerings are used to create resources to help the whole community grow in their relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

We have NEW ways for you to give!

  1. JUST LIKE BEFORE.  Continue giving via cash/check by at the church or by mailing it to:

    Life’s Journey Christian Fellowship
    PO Box 1915
    Colstrip, MT 59323

  2. THROUGH YOUR BANK. Use the online Bill Pay service offered by your bank through your online bank account.  If you’re not sure how to do this, contact your bank and they’ll tell you how.

  3. ONLINE. Give via Tithe.ly.  Tithe.ly is a popular online giving app used by many churches around the country.  It even has a mobile app to make giving that much more convenient.

    1. PLEASE NOTE: Tithe.ly is not a free service and charges a 2.9% processing fee for each transaction; this fee goes to Tithe.ly not LJCF.  But you might find the convenience of Tithe.ly to be worth the fee.

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