Colstrip Junior Bible Quiz Meet – February 10, 2018

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This Saturday, Feb 10th at 10 AM, the Colstrip Junior Bible Quiz team (JBQ) will be holding a competition at the First Baptist Church in Colstrip.

JBQ is a trivia style game in which each participant is expected to know over 500 questions and answers about the Bible and Christian belief.  The teams are made up of kids in grades 1-6 grade.  A “quiz master” asks the questions and two teams of four contestants are given a few seconds to buzz in (using a hand buzzer) and answer the question.  Once buzzed in, the contestant has 30 seconds to provide a full answer.  The answers vary from 2-3 word answers to multi-word Bible verses that must be recited word-for-word.

Various local churches in Montana sponsor Junior Bible Quiz teams.  During the Winter and Spring, all of the Montana teams meet at select church buildings across Montana to compete.  A state-wide meet was scheduled for this weekend, but due to severe winter weather the meet was cancelled.

Instead, the Colstrip JBQ team will compete against each other for a fun filled morning of learning God’s word.

Please come watch them and cheer them on as the learn God’s Word.

To learn more about JBQ, you can visit the official JBQ site.

JBQ is a children’s ministry of The General Council of the Assemblies of God.

February 4, 2018: Mourning, not Scattered

Preached by Evan Stewart (00:28)

When Jesus died, the disciples found themselves sad, confused, frustrated, and feeling like they lost their leader.  Even though Jesus told them that he would die and rise again three days later, they didn’t feel ready for his departure.  They all grieved the loss of their friend and they did it in different ways.

As Life’s Journey continues to grieve the loss of our friend, Pastor Rod, we can be encouraged by the disciples’ story.

You will continue to hear that we must all pray for wisdom and trust that the Holy Spirit will show us a way forward and remind us of all the things Jesus taught just as Jesus promised the Spirit would do.  This is what the first disciples learned to do.  They walked, face to face with Jesus Christ, but they too had to learn to trust that God is good and that he is always in control.  Rod’s death offers us the choice to implode with sadness or to hold on tighter to Jesus and learn more of what this life’s journey is all about.  Since there is now a void in the full time pastoring of this church, it’s time for all of us to be willing to disciple one another, to step out and stretch our faith as God works through all of us during this time.

Scripture references: John 20:1-14, 19, 26; John 21; Matthew 26:31-35


January 28, 2018: My Servant

LJCF Sermon Icon January

Preached by Casey Kluver (00:38)

When the Israelites left Egypt they were a people united with a common vision and following one leader – Moses.  The first time in some four hundred years, the people of God were a people with renewed purpose and led by one, chosen leader.  Moses led God’s people for nearly four decades and he was the first dedicated leader than many of them ever had.  And then he died.

After he died, God spoke a wonderful truth about Moses.  God called him “My servant”.  The people found themselves without a leader, yet God held the plan and God wanted the Israelites to continue with the vision he gave them through Moses.

The Life’s Journey congregation may feel like a people without a shepherd, but we are reminded that God is the leader and he is the true shepherd.  As Life’s Journey begins the process of finding a new senior pastor, we know that God is with us where ever we go.  Be encouraged as Casey reminds us that God sets the vision and we will continue with purpose, strength and courage if we are willing to listen and move just as Joshua and the Israelites learned.

Scripture references: Joshua 1


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Elder Update – What Now?

Update by Tary Hanson (00:07)

On Sunday morning, January 28, Tary provided a brief update and encouragement to the Life’s Journey congregation.  After Pastor Rod died, many people are wondering what will happen next.  Although there is still much prayer and many decisions ahead for the elders of Life’s Journey, Tary reminded us that we will be OK.  God is with us, Jesus is King and the Spirit is our guide.  Join us in praying for the elders (Bruce Brown, Tary Hanson, and Tom Reimers) that they will have wisdom and courage to make the decisions God has set before them.

God has placed gifts and leadership within Life’s Journey and we all have the privilege to be a part of what God is doing.  Listen to hear the beginning of a new journey that lay ahead.


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