June 23, 2019: What Do We Get When We Get Jesus?

Presented by Casey Kluver (00:58)

This morning, Pastor Casey starts with a short word about the crushing in life.  For his sermon, he begins in Acts and points out there must be a recognition that because of Christ, we have something. Yet we cannot know what we have until we know who we have.  Always there is the call to better know our Lord Jesus Christ. We cannot give or share what we don’t have and of course God doesn’t expect that of us.  But we do have a responsibility to share what we have been given. Just to name 2 things we have because of Christ– salvation, Ephesians 2:8-9 and peace with God, Romans 5:1.

Pastor continues on showing more scriptures revealing God’s gifts to us. How are we making use of these gifts to change our world? Join in and be encouraged.


Scripture references: Acts 13:1-12



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June 19, 2019: Commissioning Pastor Casey Kluver

Presented by Pastor Bob Johnson of New City Church, Great Falls, MT (01:07)

Tonight, after many months functioning as the interim pastor,  Pastor Casey Kluver is being formally commissioned as the Pastor of Life’s Journey Christian Fellowship in Colstrip, Montana. The Church elders, Tary Hanson, Bruce Brown and Tom Reimers were all present.  Senior Pastor Bob Johnson of New City Church in Great Falls and his wife Cindy, were invited to share with us this special evening. Joining Bob are his son-in-law, Nate Swanson, Executive Pastor of New City Church, and his wife Rachel; Kalen Brown, Senior Pastor, City Church, Billings; and Josh Yakos, Lead Pastor, Revive Church of Missoula, Montana.

Bob has pastored for 38 years and works with pastoral leaders throughout the northwest. He shares an encouraging message based on King David. He points out 4 characteristics of a godly man, found in David’s life. His first point comes from Psalm 36:6 and 103:11. David was secure in God’s love.  Being secure in God’s love enables us to surrender, trust and obey. No matter what comes our way in life, we can stand fast knowing God’s love for us and those he has called us to.  Bob continues to build on the qualities found in David’s life and apply them to us today.

Listen in and be blessed as each pastor prays and speaks blessings and encouragements over Pastor Casey and Aubri’s life, as well as the church in Colstrip.


Scripture references: Ps. 36:6, 103:11, Acts 13:22




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June 16, 2019: Father’s Day

Presented by Casey Kluver (0:55)

Fathers don’t often get a lot of credit, yet they help form identity.  Pastor Casey shares that he knew being a rancher, gathering cattle, was part of his identity–because that’s what Dad did. For others,  perhaps Dad was rough and tough and “men don’t cry”.  When looking in the Bible, we can find this is not true of Godly men. Not all of our identity is correct.  Many times we are disconnected from God our Father because we do not know how much he loves us.  We struggle with shame, fear of not being good enough.  Jesus came as the Son of God to show us how our “real” Father looks and operates.  In this generation of so many fatherless, what can be done to bring true identity?

Listen as Casey encourages us that the work of Jesus is capable of restoring the family; bringing sons and daughters of God back to the Father.

Scripture references: Luke 1:5-25


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