Jesus Meets You at the Edge

Fear drives people to the rock bottom of despair.  When you hit the bottom you’ll think it is a secret, isolated place; but many Christians can tell you that they met Jesus at the bottom.  The lie Satan tells the world is that you must be perfect before God will accept you.  You must solve you’re own problems before Jesus will call you friend.  The truth is that Jesus left the perfection of Heaven to meet sinners where they were…in their sin.  Fear of judgement or fear of shame brings you to the pit of despair, but if you pause and listen you will find Jesus standing beside you with arms wide open.

It’s difficult to be humble when life is going they way you expect it to go.  Yet, when your plans are falling apart and hope seems lost you can better understand your need for God and, if you’re willing, you can receive his love for you.

Fear is a liar.  Jesus is true.  Grace, mercy, forgiveness, and wholeness are yours through Him.

January 31, 2016 – Acts: A Heavenly Kingdom on Earth

Preached by Rod Benner (00:45)

Rod continues a study in the book of Acts.

The Church is not a building.  The people of God are the Church.  God does not live in a temple made by hands, but he lives within the hearts and spirits of anyone who loves and follows Jesus.  The fullness of the Kingdom of God will be when Jesus returns and God brings restoration and judgment to the entire creation.  Yet, Jesus has already established a kingdom that is living and active now.  The Kingdom of God is now and is built up in and seen through the people of God who live like Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit giving a living testimony in their words and behavior.

Scripture references: Acts 1:6-8


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