October 21, 2018: Conflict and Covenant

Presented by Casey Kluver (00:48)

Pastor Casey Kluver gives us a brief recap of last week and launches into relationships and conflict.   Why do we get into conflict? What is the desired outcome- to be right, or to better understand one another?  Let us consider what the Bible has to say about this part of everyone’s life.


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Covenant Conference 2018 – Recordings are Available

In February 2018, Life’s Journey hosted Tim Anderson and the Covenant Seminar.  This was a two day event in which Tim walked us through what the idea of covenant means.  God frames all of his promises with the world in this idea of covenant.

If you missed this event, or just want to hear it again, Life’s Journey is excited to offer this resource to you.  Learn why an understanding of covenant is pivotal to your life.  By knowing what God’s covenant is about you will understand God’s desire for you.

Jump over to the Covenant 2018 page to listen to the entire conference.