January 27, 2019: Guard Your Desires

Presented by Casey Kluver (00:48)

The story of Jacob, Esau, and their parents. Isaac and Rebekah warns us that what we selfishly desire is what we willfully become.

The history of God’s redemption and grace for all humans is traced through Abraham, his son Isaac, and Isaac’s son Jacob.  The nation of Israel is named after Jacob.  Even though these three men play a crucial role in God’s relationship with the world, these three men were to blame for the deep dysfunction in their own families.  In the case of Jacob (as a son), the dynamics involved: two twin brothers who didn’t love each other, a father distant from one son, a mother who raised her favored son to be a deceiver, and parents who lacked much respect for one another.

God’s grace is displayed through a broken family, but there is also the lesson to pursue God’s honor instead of our own.

Scripture references: Genesis 25, 27


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July 19, 2015 – Be Strong in the Lord

Preached by Rod Benner (00:35).


In all we do and within any relationship we must remember that the love and truth of God is to be our motivation for all thought and action.  Within the family, God instructs children to honor their parents. As importantly, fathers are to act towards their children with godly love and wisdom.  Within our community, country and world we must respond with godly love and even godly sorrow and anger when it is appropriate.  A godly love for all that is good and for every one of our neighbors no matter how they are similar or different from us.  A godly sorrow and anger for anything and anyone that calls evil good.  Living the life of Jesus is our calling; to be “little Christs”, “Christ like”, to be Christian.  Living that life is hard and it we must remember we don’t “war against flesh and blood”.

Scripture references: Ephesians 6:1-4; 10-18
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July 12, 2015 – Demonstrate Jesus’ Love to Your Spouse

Preached by Rod Benner (00:43).

Rod continues a study of Ephesians.  The love of Jesus for the world should be so clearly seen through the family relationships of Christians.  When family relationships lack the love of God the relationships get messed up and the way people see the gospel of Jesus is skewed.  God holds the marriage relationship in such high regard that he compares the love of a husband and wife to the way Jesus loves the Church.  The Father, Son and Spirit cooperate in loving submission and they don’t fight for who is going to be on top.  The Father doesn’t pridefully force his authority on the Son or Spirit and the Son and Spirit don’t pridefully fight for the recognition they know is due to them.  They lovingly work for the glory of each other and the love for mankind.

If you haven’t said it before, today is the day to declare, “Lord, I need help!  Help me love my spouse and let my family relationships show the good news and great love of Jesus.”


Scripture references: Ephesians 5:15-33
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