April 10, 2016 – Acts: A Simple Message with Powerful Effect

Preached by Rod Benner (00:26)

*note: a recording of the first 10-15 minute of the sermon was missed

The gospel is simple and the gospel is powerful.  Each of us can so easily over complicate it or try to make it more complex than it really is.  As Rod continues through the book of Acts, take a refreshing look at the first recorded gospel sermon preached by Peter.  Preaching to a large crowd of Israelites, Peter boldly proclaimed that:

  1. Jesus was endorsed by God
  2. Jesus was put to death by men
  3. God knew this would happen; it was part of the plan
  4. God raised him back to life
  5. God exalted him to the highest honor in Heaven
  6. The Holy Spirit was poured out on us for the forgiveness of and repentance from our sin

Hear the gospel in it’s simple truth and be saved and become changed by it.

Scripture References: Acts 2:22-41


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