July 24, 2016 – Acts: Philip and the Holy Spirit

Preached by Rod Benner (01:04)

Philip was known to other Christians as a man filled with the Spirit.  He was gifted and successful at evangelism.  Yet, as he led a revival in Samaria he was able to teach about Jesus and even baptize people in the name of Jesus, but he did not baptize them in the Holy Spirit.  The apostles, Peter and John, came down to lay hands on the new Christians so that they could receive the Holy Spirit. Why could the apostles do this but Philip could not?

This question has become such a dividing point in modern Christianity that many teachers and pastors prefer not to focus too much attention on it.  While it is not certain why the apostles could bring the Holy Spirit and Philip did not or could not, it’s helpful for our understanding of the Holy Spirit to take a look at the story.

Scripture References: Acts 8:14-19


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