Elder Update – What Now?

Update by Tary Hanson (00:07)

On Sunday morning, January 28, Tary provided a brief update and encouragement to the Life’s Journey congregation.  After Pastor Rod died, many people are wondering what will happen next.  Although there is still much prayer and many decisions ahead for the elders of Life’s Journey, Tary reminded us that we will be OK.  God is with us, Jesus is King and the Spirit is our guide.  Join us in praying for the elders (Bruce Brown, Tary Hanson, and Tom Reimers) that they will have wisdom and courage to make the decisions God has set before them.

God has placed gifts and leadership within Life’s Journey and we all have the privilege to be a part of what God is doing.  Listen to hear the beginning of a new journey that lay ahead.


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June 5, 2016 – Acts: Full of the Spirit and Wisdom

Preached by Rod Benner (00:40)

The fullness of the Holy Spirit is much more than the evidence of one or two characteristics.  In the early church, there arose a troublesome dispute among believers.  Everyone complained to the apostles, but the apostles needed other men to take the lead of certain ministries.  Instead of picking the most dynamic or popular men in the group, the apostles told the other believers to choose seven men full of the Spirit and wisdom.  The eligible men were already living a life characterized by the fullness of the Spirit and godly wisdom.  The chosen men didn’t campaign for the position, rather they consistently lived for God.  They were already known as Spirit filled and wise men.

Problems among a congregation can be resolved by those among us who are Spirit filled and wise.  We should value these characteristics more highly than others when selecting a leader.  All other gifting and talents aside, the fullness of the Spirit and wise living will be seen in the lives of men and women who whole heartedly and humbly seek a growing relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Scripture References: Acts 6:1-7


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