2018 LIFE Groups Starting Soon

The 2018 LIFE Group season will begin the week of January 14th. Some groups are already meeting!  This is awesome.

New facilitator and group packets will be provided leading up to this kick off.  The packet will take us all the way into May. The group meetings will again be a mixture of bible study topics and relationship building events.

LJCF’s vision is reaching the world for Jesus one person at a time and our mission is to make biblical disciples in a relational environment. Life Groups is one of the many small group ministries working towards that goal.  Every small group at Life’s Journey (Women’s group, Men’s group, Children’s class, Youth group, Life Groups, Financial Peace, etc) accomplishes the vision and mission of Life’s Journey Christian Fellowship, but Life Groups provides a unique opportunity for everyone (married, single,rich, poor,  young, old, male or female, Christian or seeker) to learn from someone they wouldn’t normally get to know.  Life Groups is a strategic ministry with the goal of creating a safe, Christ honoring, relational environment into which any person in Colstrip can join.  This is a big goal.  This means Life Groups must have a consistent model across every group and at the same time be responsive to the diverse personalities that join each group, so that everyone has the opportunity to grow in their relationship with God by learning about him from the Bible and each other as each member experiences God in their own life.

The fourfold vision of Life Groups is for groups to be:

1. Informational yet Relational
—New believers can get familiar with the Bible. Seasoned believers can go deeper in their faith. Both learning from the Word and each other with intentional fellowship

2. United in format but responsive to personalities
—A consistent theme across all groups, but unique application within each group

3. Progressing from neighborly relationship to family-like relationships
—Groups members may start as strangers, begin to see each other as neighbors, and finally accept each other as family. Liking is optional, loving is unconditional.

4. Anticipating to branch (overflow into more groups) and invite more people in
—To be effective, groups need to be small in number, but also be willing to overflow and grow in number. Our groups must be willing to love each other in each season and joyful celebrate new growth.

If you have already joined a LIFE Group, then sign up on Sunday mornings downstairs in the front lobby at LJCF.  If you are a member of a group and want to invite your friends….invite them!

LIFE Groups: Starting this Sunday

LIFE GroupsDue to Colstrip high school Homecoming events, LIFE Groups was delayed one week.  LIFE Groups will begin this Sunday night (9/24).

We currently have two (2) groups meeting on Sunday night and four (5) groups meeting on Wednesday night.

To find a group, talk to Evan or Autumn Stewart on Sunday mornings or find them on Facebook.  You can also send a message to the Life’s Journey Facebook page.