June 26, 2018: Love is Movement

Presented by Casey Kluver (00:42)

If you want to know how to love someone well, look at how Jesus loved. If you want to know how to lead well, look at how Jesus led. Jesus’ example of love and leadership is needed in every generation. On this Father’s Day, may all fathers be reminded that their duty is to love. Be encouraged as Casey offers insight to the love and leadership of Jesus.

Scripture References: John 13


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April 16, 2017 – It’s Easter and God Loves You

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Preached by Cortney Kluver (00:58)

Easter isn’t about hidden eggs and chocolate bunnies.  The Easter holiday is a time to remember the great love of God.  Jesus died and rose again so that you may live in relationship with God.  Easter is a time to remember that “Christ died for us while we were still sinners…He didn’t wait until we were polished up and combed our hair and put on our nicest shirt.  That’s not when he chose to love us.  He found you not presentable and decided to love you anyway.”

On Easter morning, Cortney reminded us that the fact of the matter is that our God became a man, died on a cross and rose again because he loves us.

Scripture Reference: Romans 5:8


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June 26, 2016 – Love as Jesus Loves

Preached by Rod Benner (00:42)

Jesus wants to love and transform people.  People are not transformed by attending a church or believing a certain fact about God.  Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, unless you are born again, born of the Spirit, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God.”  Humans are born by other humans, but spiritual life is born by the Spirit of God.

The power of the Spirit meets an imperfect and broken person exactly where he or she is at.  The Spirit does not wait for a person the be transformed to better living before he meets them.  Rather, he meets a person in their sinfulness and starts a life long process of transformation.

The Christian life is all about relationship.  As long as you live, you will continue the transformation from sin to godly living.  The Spirit transforms certain sinful behaviors soon after a person is born again and other times that sin is released years later.  The spiritual effect of sin is taken care of and settled the moment the Spirt gives rebirth to a person, but the transformation from sinful to truly good living is a life long process.

As Christians, we must see others as Jesus sees us.  Sin abounds and problems exist and we must seek out relationship with others in prayer and with much wisdom.  Do we ignore our own sin?  No!  Do we celebrate and smile at the sin of others? No! Does that then mean you hate yourself and beat yourself up when you sin?  No!  Do you seek a way to reveal another person to their own sin?  No!  Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit will reveal my sin to me and their sin to them.  My job is to love unconditionally, accept without reservation, and be ready to offer forgiveness 24-7.

By doing this, we will begin to see as Jesus saw, feel as Jesus felt, and do as Jesus did.  As this begins, we will find ourselves living and acting like Jesus did.  He did not condone sin, but he did not make a point of specifically condemning everyone’s sin.  Rather, he was filled with compassion and he told the truth in living relationship with others.  When sin was identified and spoken about, he always did it in such a way to help a person better feel the love and better know the wisdom of God.  Even in the dramatic confrontations with the religious leaders, Jesus did not bluntly call out their own hypocrisy just to prove them wrong.  He was provided a relationship with these leaders and he boldly cut through the garbage to show them the love of God.  He offered loving insight to point a sinner to the awesome love and fullness God offers.

Scripture References: John 3:1-15


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May 22, 2016 – Acts: The Power of God

Preached by Rod Benner (00:41)

The apostles performed miraculous signs and wonders during the early years of the Christian Church.  Healing even happened as Peter’s shadow passed over the sick. Although people were afraid to join them and weren’t sure about the seemingly new teaching they brought, the people were amazed by the works they could do; works only God could do.  Healing power was given to the apostles to establish their authority as messengers of God but also to show God’s loving passion for the people he created.  Even though the crowds were drawn by the miraculous power of the apostles, they stayed because of the love of God shown to them by the apostles.

That same power is available to every disciple of Jesus today.  As a friend of Jesus, walk in the power of God through the salvation of Jesus Christ. As faith rises, obedience follows and blessings flow.

Scripture References: Acts 5:12-16


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