August 5, 2018: Momentum Down the Mountain

Presented by Casey Kluver (00:48)

In the Bible, some people met God on top of a mountain.  They had a mountain top experience with God.  In your own life, you will have experiences where you know you encountered God.  The experience will range from various circumstances for each person, but the one thing that remains the same is that you’ve encountered God in a new way and the experience impacts you enough to increase your faith and desire to serve and know God.  You could call this a “mountain top experience”.  What many people find is that after the event is over, the passion and zeal of the experience begins to fade.  They come off the mountain, back down into normal life and the passion that was stirred during the experience is lessened.  This is a normal process, but many wait for the passion or emotions to flare up again and become disappointed when they cannot recreate the feeling.  The important thing to remember is that the feeling was not the experience; meeting with God was the experience!  Instead of coming down from the mountain only to feel disappointed and tired, use the journey down the mountain to build momentum to continue the new path God has set you on.

Listen as Pastor Casey explains how you can accelerate down the mountain.

Scripture references: 1 Timothy; Acts 9


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April 30, 2017: 27 Things I Learned from John 17

Preached by Casey Kluver (01:04)

In John 17, we read one of Jesus’ most detailed prayers recorded in the Four gospels. In this prayer, Jesus provides insight into who he is and his vision and expectation for Christians then and now.  Reading from the Passion translation of the New Testament, Casey shared twenty-seven insights and encouragements that we can learn from John 17.

1. Glory doesn’t always look like you think it will
2. Eternal life is not in the future
3. The glory of God is revealed in obedience
4. The greatest glory is experienced through face to face encounter
5. Jesus is perfect theology
6. We are God’s gift to Jesus
7. Same words equal same authority
8. Are you convinced; do you fully believe?
9. You are deeply loved by Jesus
10. You are Jesus’ gift back to the Father
11. You are protected by God
12. Jesus wants you to experience full and overflowing joy
13. Our allegiance is to Christ
14. He wants you in the world, but he doesn’t want the world in you
15. The truth of Jesus makes us holy
16. You are commissioned to represent Jesus
17. His sacrifice enables you to be Holy and fully dedicated
18. Unity displays the Father’s heart
19. Unity must be tied to God
20. Jesus gave us the same glory
21. You have the full Jesus
22. Evangelism will work
23. We have the same love
24. Christ has given us authority
25. We will see his glory
26. Revelation in progressive
27. The purpose of revelation is love

Scripture Reference: John 17


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