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We are making it easier for you to stay in tune with the LJCF Sunday Morning Sermons.  You can now get the latest Sunday sermon with the LJCF Podcast.

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Not use what a podcast is?  A podcast is a way to automatically receive the latest updates from your favorite online audio content.  Podcasts have been around for a long time.  One reason the podcast format is so popular is because once you subscribe to the podcast, each time a new episode (or sermon in this case) is posted to the LJCF website, you’ll automatically receive the new post in your podcast app.

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Elder Update – What Now?

Update by Tary Hanson (00:07)

On Sunday morning, January 28, Tary provided a brief update and encouragement to the Life’s Journey congregation.  After Pastor Rod died, many people are wondering what will happen next.  Although there is still much prayer and many decisions ahead for the elders of Life’s Journey, Tary reminded us that we will be OK.  God is with us, Jesus is King and the Spirit is our guide.  Join us in praying for the elders (Bruce Brown, Tary Hanson, and Tom Reimers) that they will have wisdom and courage to make the decisions God has set before them.

God has placed gifts and leadership within Life’s Journey and we all have the privilege to be a part of what God is doing.  Listen to hear the beginning of a new journey that lay ahead.


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